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Our quality policy to aim for excellence

The ‘Qualité tourisme mark

One day, in order to best welcome visitors from all over the world who flock to our beautiful village each year, the Mougins Tourist Office team decided to aim for excellence…. And to commit to a process guaranteeing better quality of service by acceding to the ‘Qualité tourisme mark.
To do this, the director, Muriel Grandjean, and our Quality referent (RAQ) Simona Demanche, set about creating a “Quality” policy and launched the project.
Our common theme, “Quality”, thus became entrenched throughout: in missions to welcome and provide information, communicate, promote, in internal operations and even structural management, etc.
A vast area that involved the entire team for several months. On the agenda: practice analysis, drawing up procedures, training staff, uniformization of working and operating methods, public satisfaction evaluation, etc.
Numerous efforts that culminated in Mougins Tourist Office being awarded the ‘Qualité tourisme mark in September 2016. We had this renewed in September 2019. A new renewal audit is scheduled for September 2024.

Our tools:

To formalize quality over time, the centre also created several tools:

  • A quality manual. It sets out what we are, what guides our choices and how our quality system operates.
  • A place to store all the information on quality and allow the entire team to access this.
  • Questionnaires and tools to measure quality and assess whether this complies with the expectations and requirements of our public.
  • Meetings with the team and with a Quality Group to ensure our quality system is monitored, assessed and developed.


In this video manual*, you’ll discover what ‘Quality’ means at Mougins Tourist Office. It will allow you to understand our internal organization and find out everything there is to know about our quality system.

* Video produced in 2019. Of course, some of the protagonists have changed since then 😉 but our approach and the way we work remain the same!

The director

Discover our commitments:

The result?

Mougins Tourist Information Centre has held the “Qualité tourisme” label since September 2016. We had this renewed in September 2019. A new renewal audit is scheduled for September 2024.

However, since 1 October 2019, two changes have been made: it is now the DGE [Directorate General for Enterprise] that is responsible for awarding the label.

A new standard applies to the tourist office sector. The criteria in this are split into two audit grids (full audit and mystery shopper inspection.)
The entire team remains involved to adapt and best respond to these new requirements.
The concept of quality is now an integral part of the Tourism Office’s remit, and staff who are fully aware of this approach work daily to maintain and improve the quality of the services offered to visitors and service providers alike.

The Mougins Tourist Office is also currently working to roll out the ‘Qualité Tourisme TM’ state mark to its partners, in line with the quality approach of the Offices de Tourisme de France.

Find out more about the state’s “Qualité Tourisme™” label

Mougin establishments awarded the ‘Qualité Tourisme™’ label

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is at the heart of the Tourist Office’s operations. Let’s discover the little things we do on a daily basis to reduce our ecological footprint.
Posters are placed in various strategic locations within the Tourist Office (office – kitchen – meeting room – toilets) to inform employees, trainees, seasonal workers or any other person present in the offices about good practices for saving water, electricity and paper.

Click on the files to read and download them:

What about selective sorting?

The commune of Mougins, via the Communauté d’agglomération Cannes Pays de Lérins (CACPL), provides this service and facilitates its implementation. In line with these good practices and its eco-responsible values, Mougins Tourist Office applies the rules of selective waste sorting.

Find out more : https://mougins.fr/vivre/proprete-et-environnement/collecte-des-dechets/

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