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Reception of people with reduced mobility

The commune of Mougins and the tourist office are committed to facilitating access to the village for people with reduced mobility (PRM).
Discover the different measures put in place as well as the map showing the recommended itinerary for visiting the village!

Car parks

Three parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility are located in the Hubac 1 car park on the way into the village.
A lift adapted for disabled people then takes you to the main square of the village, where the reception of the tourist office awaits you.
Any break in level on the path from the parking space to the reception desk has been eliminated.

Reception at the tourist office

  • The office has been aware of the “Tourism and Disability” label since 2016, which guarantees that the reception area is accessible and arranged in such a way as to facilitate visitors’ movements.
  • The tourist office building is on one level. Our reception area is accessible to all, including people with motor, hearing, visual or mental disabilities.

Various specific arrangements have been made to address the problems associated with the four disabilities:

  • Installation of an automatic door
  • Low profile reception desk (80 cm)
  • Plan with enlarged characters

In order to go further in this process, we contacted a consultancy firm certified by the “Tourisme et Handicap” association. This consultancy recommended certain adjustments and purchases of equipment, such as

  • Installation of a magnetic loop
  • Addition of pictograms (motor impairment, hearing impairment, visual impairment, mental impairment)
  • Addition of 2 parallel strips on automatic doors
  • Sign language training
  • Floor path for the visually impaired
  • Magnifying glass


Discover the village

See below the different elements facilitating the visit of the village for people with reduced mobility as well as the recommended itinerary!

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The toilets

Toilets specifically adapted for people with reduced mobility are available in the village:
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