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Better understanding

Tourist tax… In which cases does it apply? When? How much? How? We explain everything.

Do you need to pay tourist tax in Mougins?

The answer is YES.
In its capacity as a listed resort and tourist town, Mougins collects tourist tax. This local tax dedicated solely to the tourism sector allows for funding the tourism promotion actions to be developed within the destination in order to increase its drawing power.

Who must pay tourist tax?

Tourist tax is to be paid by the visitor. In no event is it due by the host.
Tourist tax is established for people who are not domiciled in the town and do not own a residence there for which they would be liable to the French council tax.

Tourist tax must be paid by the visitor staying in one of the following accommodation types:

  • Hotels
  • Tourist apartment complexes
  • Holiday lets
  • Guest houses
  • Holiday villages
  • Campsites or caravan parks
  • Motorhomes

The people exempt from tourist tax are:

  • persons under the age of 18
  • persons with a seasonal employment contract and employed in the town
  • persons benefitting from emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing
  • • persons occupying premises for which the rent is less than an amount determined by the town council.


How much? How?

Tourist tax is due per person and per night (overnight stay). It applies from 1 January to 31 December. In reality, this is paid directly to the host, hotel owner or property owner if the booking has been made directly with the latter. This tourist tax is then paid to the town of Mougins.
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